The 1972 Grand Banks Alaskan 49 CONSCIOUS (ex-SALACIA) has gotten a new bow thruster! If you have been following our shop’s progress for a while, you may recognize this great Pacific Northwest cruiser from 2006 when our mechanical department did a great job on a thorough overhaul and update of many of the boat’s systems.

SALACIA in 2006. Photo by Deb Swanson.


Now with new owners, she is back in the shop for some routine maintenance in addition to some customization – hull and house paint, new decking material from Raptor Decks, rebuilding the Portuguese bridge, redesigning the forward cabin, and a bow thruster.


Many boat owners think about having a bow thruster installed, eyeing the ease of handling it can provide. Especially with large cruisers or trawlers, having the additional maneuverability in harbors can make a huge difference when enjoying and using your boat.


Follow along to see the progress of installing the bow thruster on CONSCIOUS!


First, the placement of the bow thruster must be established, taking into consideration where structural beams, wiring, and more are. After confirming the location, the holes are cut!


Next, a pattern is made and then transferred to flat fiberglass stock. This will make the ring around the tunnel.


The tube that forms the tunnel of the bow thruster is installed and then faired into place.




Once the tunnel is installed and faired into place, the shaft for the propellers is installed.


Finally, anti-fouling paint is applied, the propellers are installed, and two small zincs are the final touch.


We look forward to hearing how this bow thruster will improve the handling of this boat for her new owners! Curious about retrofitting a bow thruster in your boat? Contact us to find out more information! 360-385-6138 or