For a part of the boat that few will ever see, Amak’s team of shipwright’s still provides the highest quality craftsmanship.  After Dan fiberglassed the cabin top and overhang, Jim Lyons and Mike Rust added covering boards and are now putting finishing touches on the fascia.  Ben Tyler fabricated and installed aluminum support posts for the overhang and has painted the hull up to the bulwarks.

Amak's Cabin Top

Mike Rust installs the cove molding.

Jim working on the pattern for Amak's fascia on the Cabin top.

Jim Lyons making the pattern for Amak’s fascia on the Cabin top.

Fascia on Cabin Top of Amak

Fine detail woodwork on Cabin Top of Amak.

Mike uses a handplane on the fascia of the cabin top.

Mike uses a hand plane to fair edges on the fascia.

Amak's new paint job has begun.

Amak’s new paint job has begun.