Chris Brignoli at the Spring Boating Symposium

Last Saturday, Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op member, Chris Brignoli, spoke at the Northwest Maritime Center's Spring Boating Symposium.  Chris shared a wealth of information regarding innovative heating [...]

Martha’s New Boomkin End Cap

Schooner Martha is getting a new paint job this week and new hardware as well.  Port Townsend Foundry is making beautiful new pieces for Martha.  Here is [...]

Orion’s Back!

Orion of Deep Green Wilderness has returned to Port Townsend Shipwright's Co-op for it's annual boat maintenance.  One of the items on their punch list is painting [...]

Schooner Martha’s New Ballast

That large timber sitting on the ground at the Shipwright's Co-op, just beyond the Schooner Martha, a few weeks ago has been dramatically transformed into the new [...]

The Schooner Martha

Schooner Martha, the oldest operating sailboat in Washington, is hauled out at the Shipwright's Co-op for a Ballast Keel Replacement.  The Schooner Martha Foundation received a historic [...]

Flying Swan

Flying Swan is a complete rebuild for Pete Rust and Greg Fredricks.  It is a beautiful process to observe the great attention to detail and fine craftsmanship [...]

Wind Energy

Matt Mortenson has installed wind power for Destiny.  There are two D-400 Energy 72 volt wind generators.  The maximum power output rating is 600 plus watts.  235 [...]

Solar Panels Installed

Destiny's solar array is both stationary and mobile to allow for a total of 12 panels.  Six panels are rack mounted on sliding frames to increase surface [...]

Renewable Energy

When used conservatively, the electrical system aboard Destiny is being designed to provide an indefinite power supply through green energy.  Solar and wind provide enough power to [...]

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