Co-op Member for 23 years, Curtis Schloe retired this spring.  Since then, he has been spending his time fishing with friends and family in the San Juan Islands between working on his 45 foot converted troller, Gladys Mae.  Curtis  was hired at Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-op in 1984, filling a gap as the company was evolving into a full service business.  Working since the age of 13, he had many different jobs in Portland and Seattle, before finding his true interests in mechanical hydraulics and finding Port Townsend to be home.  Co-op Member, Jim Lyons, refers to Curtis as being “steadfast, very detail oriented, easy to work with, and always smiling.  He also pointed out how Curtis went beyond work to support families of members as well.  Curtis never thought he would retire yet has found retirement to be a great experience.  With his boat and his bike, he enjoys the simplicity of retired life.  When Curtis reflects on his work at the Shipwright’s Co-op, he believes the greatest aspects to be meeting so many great boat owners over the years.  This week he will be hauling out his vessel Gladys Mae for some annual maintenance and bottom paint.