Orion of Deep Green Wilderness has returned to Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-op for it’s annual boat maintenance.  One of the items on their punch list is painting the bottom and top of this 1934 wooden yawl.  Project Manager, Chris Chase, was pleased to discover minimal growth on Orion’s hull after a year in the water.  Following three seasons using non-toxic e-paint on this 64 foot sailing vessel, it is proving to be a quality product.  Chris believes Shipwright’s Co-op may be the only company using e-paint on wooden boats today.  The e-paint type used on Orion is SN-1 for wooden boats.

Orion Returns to Port Townsend Shipwright's Co-op for Boat Repair

Orion hauled out for annual maintenance at Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-op


Orion returns to Port Townsend Shipwright's Co-op for annual repairs

Orion displays minimal growth using non-toxic e-paint for third season in a row.