That large timber sitting on the ground at the Shipwright’s Co-op, just beyond the Schooner Martha, a few weeks ago has been dramatically transformed into the new keel for Martha.  The ballast was poured in Seattle and installed this week.  The pouring was well done, with no additional work necessary before being jacked up into place.  The highly skilled crew of shipwrights are keeping this project moving along smoothly.

Keel Installation

The large timber has been transformed into Schooner Martha’s new keel.

Chris Stohlman installing keel.

Chris Stohlman working to install the keel.

New Purple Heart Floor Timbers

New Purple Heart Floor Timbers.  

Drilling holes for Ballast Install

Griffin Meyer and Chris drill holes for ballast was quite a task with the extensive length of the drill bit.  The drill was repeatedly raised and lower while metal chips were being cleared. 

Martha's New Ballast in Place

Martha’s New Ballast in Place.

Dave Removes the Mold for Ballast

Dave removing the last of the mold from around the new ballast.