Granada’s Crew Keeps Busy

Granada's team has been bustling at Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op for many weeks.  There has been a great deal of metal work accomplished in a short time [...]

A Shave and A Haircut

Many regular clients of Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op are returning for "a Shave and a Haircut", resolving any needed maintenance and getting a fresh coat of paint. [...]

Paragon’s Seining Skiff

Paragon has been coming to Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op for annual haul outs over the past 7 years.  This year Paragon's seining skiff was hauled out as well. [...]

Martha’s New Boomkin End Cap

Schooner Martha is getting a new paint job this week and new hardware as well.  Port Townsend Foundry is making beautiful new pieces for Martha.  Here is [...]

Lady Kate and Granada at Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op

Lady Kate and Granada are hauled out at the Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op for maintenance. Granada is getting a new fish hold while Lady Kate is having [...]

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The Muskrat is Close to Completion

The Muskrat bustles with shipwrights weekly and the transformation has been impressive.  Here is a progression of photographs taken during the past many weeks. An 800 [...]

Amak’s Pristine Cabin Top

For a part of the boat that few will ever see, Amak's team of shipwright's still provides the highest quality craftsmanship.  After Dan fiberglassed the cabin top [...]

Hot n’ Heavy Division

PT Shipwright's new power distribution center is used primarily for welding machines.  It was originally a Peterbilt sleeper cab that was retrofitted for shipwright purposes.  This electrical [...]

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Drilling Holes and Grinding Metal for Muskrat

Leigh and Matthew drill six foot holes through the new planking in the hull repair. Clinton removes metal lips on the inside of the [...]

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Muskrat’s New Steel Tanks

Greg is fabricating steel tanks for Muskrat. Parts laid out for assembling. Greg welding.  Check out that perfect straight edge!

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