This 28' William Garden designed tug boat was built in 1961 by Al Jacobs in Lake Union and served many years as a log patrol boat on [...]

Amak’s Progress

Amak is changing dramatically on a a daily basis.  My weekly visits are not enough to keep up with the progress happening there.  Here Mike is trimming [...]

Amak Transforms

Maintenance, repairs, bulwarks, planking and caulking are completed and the transformation of this retired tugboat is underway.  Clinton removed many structures, using great strength to demolition parts [...]

Amak Restoration Underway

The Amak returned to Shipwrights Co-op in May for some repairs and potential reconstruction project.  Here are pictures taken over the past six weeks.  The crew is [...]

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Before we know it, the work is completed, and the vessels are back in the water.  Here are a few boats that recently arrived and some are [...]

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