Classic Mainsails

Your mainsail is your most important sail; it will be used under most conditions during your passage-making and gunkholing experiences. Your Port Townsend Sails main will be well cut, durable, and adaptable to a wide range of voyaging conditions. In addition to the construction details described under “All Sails”, your classic mainsail will have the following specific construction details:

  • Cross cut
  • 2-ply leech
  • Full reef bands with hand-sewn rings and two layers of reinforcement
  • Batten pockets folded with a platform the length of the batten and chafe protection at both ends
  • Webbing strainers in reef clew rings
  • Webbing handles at reef tacks that aid in pulling the sail down when reefing or striking sail
  • Loose footed (unless otherwise determined)
  • Extra chafe protection at head and below second reef on leech
  • Tapered/rat-tailed bolt rope extends around headboard and around tack
  • External rope for chafe guard on luff
  • EZ Reefs at reef tacks
  • Luff slides webbed on and hand stitched
  • Cunningham for sail trim
  • Double slides at headboard (and clew if sail is not loose footed)
  • High load slides added above reefs, at head, and at tack
  • Clew strop
  • Full Batten pockets thru-bolted at leech

Areas of your mainsail that might get chafed by shrouds, spreaders, and other rigging cannot be precisely known until the sail is bent-on and marked.  Any chafe patches must be added after their position is ascertained from onboard observation.  The cost of chafe patches is not included in the bid for the sail because the size, shape, and location of chafe patches cannot be standardized.

headboard with doubled slides, wrapped boltrope with leather chafe protection, hand-sewn ring, strong Track with stainless steel luff slides

  1. Headboard with doubled slides, wrapped boltrope with leather chafe protection, hand-sewn ring, Strong Track with stainless steel luff slides
  2. Leathered tack
  3. Loose-foot, clew, Spectra/Velcro clew strop
  4. Classic full batten main (plus roller furling genoa and classic mizzen)