Sail Repair Seminar

We are now offering a one day Seminar. 2023 Dates TBD.

This seminar is for the sailors who want to learn to assess their own sails, review safety concerns, on-vessel possible repairs, and cost aware repair scheduling. Please stay tuned for more information.

Two full days to gain self-reliance in maintaining and upgrading your sail inventory.
2023 Dates TBD.

Our staff has designed this intensive course specifically for off-shore cruisers and other sailors who seek self-reliance in sail care. A five to one student:teacher ratio ensures small class sizes and individual attention from our experienced and capable instructors.

Use a palm and needle to:

  • Sew in a ring or grommet
  • Whip the ends of line
  • Attach a mainsail slide
  • Mend a seam
  • Add a leather chafe guard
  • Make “Easy Reefs”

Use a sewing machine to:

  • Patch a hole
  • Install a chafe guard
  • Fix a torn seam
  • Apply a spreader patch
  • Reinforce a corner ring with webbing

Learn to assess the condition and adequacy of your sail inventory.
Become familiar with sail repair tools and materials.
Order items for your own Offshore Sail Repair Kit.

The Hands-On Sail Repair Seminar Includes:

  • 14 hours of instruction
  • Student to instructor ratio (5:1)
  • Seminar packet with illustrations of handwork techniques
  • Materials for take-home “sampler” and ditty bag project (tools may be ordered)

Reviews from the Seminar

I don’t think Helen or I ever felt this good coming out of a seminar, ever. The rare combination of knowledge, generous hearts and passion for ancient craft that we met with over these few days was, well, overwhelming. What is it about people who love sailing and all things nautical that makes them so ? I wonder. But there’s a definite connection between the two as clearly exemplified by Hasse & Co. Of course at the core of your wonderful loft is your vibrant spirit. A spirit that we found shared by the “gals”… Halie, Kelsey and Alison are gifted artisans as well as great teachers. We feel pretty lucky to have benefited from their passion and know-how. We are already promoting your sail repair class with fellow sailors.

Take care, fair winds… Jean Baillargeon

Just a note of heartfelt thanks for a wonderful weekend and an inspiring seminar. As important as the skills learned were the superb organization of the course, and the atmosphere of enthusiastic sharing, encouragement and affirmation. I’m sure we all came away better people for our contact with you, and with a deeper understanding of the nature of excellence. You’ve probably never thought of it, but you are raising the level of civilization one student, one customer, one contact at a time, and hopefully each of us will be able to spread the effect in our own spheres. I for one really appreciated the historical perspective you shared with us.

~ Ed Nygard~

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the opportunity to spend this past weekend with you all. I’m thrilled with the things I’ve learned from your talks, not just about sail repair, but many ancillary issues as well. I am excited to practice the hand skills, and eager to get to my own modest sewing machine and apply what I learned to repairing my boat cover. But perhaps the brightest finish on my experience was the evident reverence and commitment on the part of the entire staff for the quality that is imbued in the products of the loft, and their desire to pass on skills that support that quality.

I’ve attached a snapshot of my ‘home-work’ assignment. The stitches are uneven and poorly spaced. I was careless with the fairness of threads. The round cross-stitch at the bottom is solid, but entirely lacking in elegance. I debated embellishing it, and decided I want this first effort entirely undecorated. I will use it for my small but growing collection of hand sewing tools. Every time I pick it up, I will be reminded of my baptism in the loft, of the devotion of the Hasse staff to making unsurpassed objects of sailing utility and artistry. I will see my own rudimentary efforts and recall that every start is inevitably modest, but with persistence, one can do more and more.

Thank you all for sharing your inspiration!

Stu – Master and slave to s/v Ripple

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the weekend sail repair seminar! I walked away with far more than I could have expected. I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship, which obviously represents the quality of all of the collective energy of the entire crew.

It would appear on the surface that I am NOT a natural with needle and thread, but I am determined to practice, practice, practice to achieve my best level of performance, as a tribute to your dedication to the centuries-old tradition of hands-on sail building, as well as your tireless patience throughout the weekend!

My husband and I will definitely be contacting you within the next few months to evaluate our sail inventory. The Gypsy Rose will not leave the northwest without your stamp of approval! What an honor to have spent time in your loft! Thank you for making this opportunity available to the novices among us!!

~ Rosie Brant Gypsy – Rose, Poulsbo, WA

I can’t thank you enough for providing a truly extraordinary weekend of learning at your loft. I don’t think I could possibly have absorbed more in that time frame, but more importantly, it was rejuvenating to be in the company of so many wonderful and inspirational people, most notably you and your crew! Please also extend my gratitude to Lacey, Megan, and Halie, who all did a great job. Now I need to get my act together and buy a boat so I can get some of those amazing sails!!

Thanks again,

To all the wonderful people at PT Sails:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a most enjoyable weekend. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun and learned so much in such a short amount of time. It is so refreshing to see people with such a positive attitude and enthusiasm. I can hardly wait until spring to put the things that I have learned to use on my boat. In the mean time I will be starting on my ditty bag to practice what I have learned.

Warmest regards,
Mark Philipsek
Sandy, Utah

What an incredible weekend! We learned so much. I feel really empowered – sails aren’t mysterious anymore, I can fix one! And what things of beauty! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your joy, and your love of sails and sailing with us.

Cynthia Golledge and Butch Bogan