Check out this articulating teardrop

style rudder our very own Griz fabricated!

Designed by Antonio Salguero of

Coastwise Marine Design,

this rudder is made out of stainless steel.

MIRIAM, a 66′ William Garden design, was built in 1956 at Tacoma Boat

Works here in Washington. Her owner plans on using the boat for

various charter trips along the Pacific Northwest in the future.

Having an articulated rudder like this will

dramatically increase MIRIAM’s turning abilities.

In combination with the teardrop profile,

the trim tab on the rudder changes how the

water moves past it, making it more efficient

and able to get a higher degree of angle on

the rudder, in turn making the boat

able to maneuver better, especially

noticeable at slow speeds and in tight spaces.

MIRIAM is a heavy displacement hull with a long keel, which can prove hard to

make delicate changes in direction, particularly in backing up,

and at slow speeds, like in a marina. Some boat owners will choose to

incorporate an articulating rudder instead of installing bow or stern thrusters.

We look forward to seeing how MIRIAM will handle differently with this improvement!

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