Destiny’s solar array is both stationary and mobile to allow for a total of 12 panels.  Six panels are rack mounted on sliding frames to increase surface area during moored or docked situations.  The panels are 12 215 watt Sanyo HIT-N215A01 mono crystalline Photovoltaic.  The total solar system capability in direct sunlight is 2580 watts, 179 amps at 14.4 volts bulk charge rate.  There are four Outback Flexmax 60 MPPT solar charge controllers.  Input power: 130 volts D.C. at 5 amps.  Output power: 14.4 volts D.C. regulated at 50 amps.  All four controllers are synchronized by Outback power systems hub.

Ric designs the solar array in the Metal Shop.

Greg completes this complicated construction of the Solar Array and demonstrates the mobility of the frames to reveal 6 additional spaces for solar panels.

Jeff, Leigh, and Matt install the Solar System.

Panels installed.