About Us

Our Guarantee –

We will build sails to serve you well in all your cruising adventures. Port Townsend Sails guarantees the following:

  • Excellent fit and set
  • Uncompromised structural integrity
  • Modern design efficiency
  • Durability
  • Maintainability
  • Follow-up to ensure your (and our) satisfaction

Our Mindset –

Professional design, meticulous construction, and traditional handwork are elemental to our voyaging sails. With a sail from our loft, you will experience the pure joy of traditional craftsmanship and the performance of custom designed shape.

Excellent fit and set are achieved through thorough and conscientious measuring, custom design, and computer plotting/lofting. Structural integrity is achieved through the use of appropriate cloth, quality hardware, and good stress distribution in panel layout and patch construction. Effective sail area and draft is determined through assessment of rig, hull, and voyaging plans. Durability is a primary goal in our sail construction. Extra layers of cloth are used in high load and chafe prone areas. Our traditional handwork is unmatched by any production loft.

Maintainability is integral to our sail construction. Our sails are sewn with extra wide seams to accommodate the inevitable need to re-stitch at some point during the life of a sail. Hand-sewn seizing don’t chafe sails or hardware, and hand-sewn rings can be resewn. Extra leather provides UV protection as well as chafe protection at critical areas.