New Sails

All our sails are completely built here in Port Townsend and are designed to the dimensions of a vessel’s properly tuned rig, the hull, and our customers sailing plans and experience.

Repair Department

Our repair department works hard to keep our customers sailing safely and enjoyably. We will work with you to assess your options, work with your budget, and create a plan to repair and maintain your sail.


Before we build any sail, we require exact measurements of a vessel’s rig. Sometimes our customers opt to measure their boat before cruising so we have them on file, and can build their sail while they are off voyaging.

We offer this service on a time-and-materials basis and will credit you when you order a sail(s).


We offer some available stock

Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op

We are very excited to join forces with the renowned Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op, working on a wide variety of vessels since 1981. Our skills will complement each other and create a truly full-service shop.